My name is James McLaughlin, and I am the creator and maker of 33 By Hand. I handle everything from design and material selection to the hand crafting of each piece.

I grew up in Skowhegan, Maine, and returned to the pine tree state after living in Boston, Colorado, Vancouver, BC & Los Angeles.

My previous adult life was spent in the music industry working in studios as a recording and mixing engineer, and DJing. And my childhood was full of basketball, mountains, music & performing, camping & hiking, and a deep love of style and design. Through all of this my taste and personal aesthetics have been developed and inform my brand today.

I have always been an artist, I have always had style uniquely my own, and I create every day in various ways and mediums. My true passion has become the blending of rugged outdoor performance and durability with contemporary and bold fashion forward design. This mix of function and style is where 33 By Hand lives and thrives.

33 By Hand is the deep Maine woods, hip-hop culture, snowy peaks, streetwear, lake water, contemporary art, basketball, vintage cars, sneakers, graffiti, synth sounds, and endless inspiration.

This work and brand has taken me far and wide on many journeys. I have seen my pieces travel to various corners of the world and become worn in and loved. My life experiences, plus my constant drive to create and send my take on style out to the world keep me going, and push me to constantly develop. I hope you enjoy the outcome.

Thank you for your visit.